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"Distilled in Scotland" – one of the most important assurances of quality in a wide world of Premium Spirits.

Close to Loch Lomond, at Strathleven , we start distillation after most of our competitors have finished, believing that they have already achieved their highest standard of spirit.

In our bespoke Copper still, designed to our own unique specification, we Craft our spirits to higher strengths and finer cuts than have ever been achieved using traditional methods.

What goes up must come down and in contrast to our Still, we have our own Chill filtration system that reduces the temperature to minus 12 degrees.

At this temperature, our spirit is viscous, when it passes through our secret filters. They capture and discard all but the crystal clear and purest of spirit. Another first.

Home-made, – when the owners of the Company roll their sleeves up and fire up the Still, you can be assured that they are not going to be satisfied with anything less than the best of the best.

"Distilled at Strathleven" – taking the Finest Spirits, exploring new frontiers.